Logotipo Tasaigo Espacio Creativo en Tenerife, Icod de los Vinos

Creative and artisan workshops in the North of Tenerife

Come to our workshops and awaken your most imaginative side by discovering new forms and artistic expressions. At Tasaigo, each project is a masterpiece in the making, and each participant is a potential artist. Inspire and be inspired in our creative space!

Next opening, 2nd quarter of 2024!

We are currently working on the renovation of what will be our workshop and creative space, Tasaigo.

We hope to open in the second quarter of 2024. If you are interested in knowing more about our courses and workshops, do not hesitate to contact us and reserve your place.

See you soon!

Taller de manualidades con pintura y vaquero

Join the Tasaigo Creative Adventure!

If you are looking for a place where your children can grow, learn and smile, Tasaigo is the perfect destination! Join us on this creative adventure and enroll in our children’s workshops and for babies. The magic of art awaits you.

Pleasant atmosphere

Sustainable or biodegradable materials

Continuous support

For all ages

I'm Jennifer, Icodense artisan

Fotografía de Jennifer Barreto Socas trabajando con una máquina de coser